Use Cases

Created on 15 December, 2022 • 1,288 views • 1 minutes read

Ready For Your Industry

Learn how & why eNotify can help you build trust, drive conversions, sales and revenue in your market.


Increase booking conversion rates for flights, hotels, holiday destinations, transportation & ancillaries

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Retail & E-Commerce

Boost online conversions by 17% with product sales, views, customer activities & reviews notifications.

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Lead Generation

Supercharge your website or landing pages with social proof notifications to build trust & increase signup rates.

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Show notifications of recent donations or contributions to inspire trust and encourage others to participate.

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Real Estate

Show notifications of recently sold or rented properties to generate interest and trust in listings.

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Show notifications of course enrollments or student achievements to increase confidence in the quality of education.

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Online Services

Show notifications of subscriptions, event registrations, or service bookings to boost trust and adoption.

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Events and Conferences

Show notifications of registrations to generate interest and increase event attendance.

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Mobile Applications

Show notifications of downloads or in-app actions to enhance user confidence.

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SaaS (Software as a Service)

Show notifications of new subscriptions or testimonials from satisfied customers to demonstrate software reliability.

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Finance and Fintech

Show notifications of successful investments or transactions to increase credibility and trust in the platform.

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News and Content Websites

Display notifications of active readers or content shares on social media to highlight content popularity.

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Non-profit Organizations

Show notifications of donations or project impact to build trust in the transparency and effectiveness of the organization.

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